Yellow Sage Photography

We are Meghan and Holly. We live in Eastern Oregon and are willing to travel all over to capture your big day. We’ve been known to be addicted to taking pictures and the only known cure for that is to simply take more!

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Three Dog Films

My name is David Sabbath of Three Dog Films, and I am a director, videographer, editor, and visual storyteller based out of Bend, OR. I have earned both national and international credits. My style is both commercial and authentic documentary, and I find that I love the

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Feathers, Frills, and Hair with Amber

Hi my name is Amber. I am a hair enthusiast and my passion is helping women feel confident in their hair and fall in love with their hair which is important on their big special day. I also add fun feather extensions or tinsel. I do house calls

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Artsy Adventurist Wedding Painting

Live Wedding Painting is a unique and entertaining wedding service where an artist creates a painting of the couple on site during the event. It is fascinating to watch, and the finished work of art will be appreciated for a lifetime. Julianne, the artist, paints the background +

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Lavish Jewelry

Continuing my passion for the jewelry industry I have created and designed my own understated line of high end fashion, leather and diamond , intriguing raw gemstone and fine diamond accent jewelry. I began looking for ways to repurpose natures beauty ,express my love of creativity and

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