“Medicine is the Mission” at Metolius Hemp Co. where we strive to help people with premium, organic, hand crafted, CBD wellness products. We are a small CBD company that started as hemp farmers who realized we could bring much more to the CBD movement, so we formed Metolius Hemp Co. 18 months ago with a vision and a lot of hard work. “From seed to satisfaction” means we grow our own hemp here in Bend at our 4 acre organic farm using only Oregon CBD seed bank genetics, and then use our proprietary enhancement processes to handcraft our products on our custom production floor to help our customers and club members with 4 main problems.

1  Stress & Anxiety:  River Dips. 100mg CBD lip pouches

2  Sleep: River Dreams. CBD & CBN mixable sleep powder

3  Pain & Inflammation: River Springs. Whole Plant topical pain roller and stick

4  Tobacco Replacement:  River Rolls & Logs. Enhanced CBD & CBG prerolls and cannagars

As vendors we bring enthusiasm and fun to any event. We provide free samples to anyone interested in trying CBD and spend the majority of our time educating people on the differences between CBD, CBG, & CBN. Also on the health benefits of cannabinoids and their role in the homeostasis the endocannabinoid system in the human body. As craftspeople we use the highest quality and unique processes to make user friendly and efficacious products. We are a licensed hemp handler by the OLLC and the ODA. We are also an ODA Food Grade Certified facility.